Planning Applications

Through our unique process, we design and shape your space to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Most work carried out to the external parts of a property (and in some situations the internal parts) requires some form of planning application to be made. You’ll probably need planning permission if you want to:

  • build something new
  • make a major change to your building – e.g. building an extension

  • change the use of your building

Planning applications are decided in line with your local authority’s development plan, which can vary from council to council. There are many issues that the planning officers will need to consider when reviewing your application, for instance:

  • size, layout, siting and external appearance of buildings and extensions
  • the effect of your proposals on any neighbouring properties
  • proposed means of access, landscaping and impact on the neighbourhood
  • proposed use of the development

Anyone can make an application, irrespective of who owns the land or buildings concerned. However, if you are not the owner, or if you have only part ownership, you have to inform the owner or those who share ownership, including any leaseholder whose lease still has seven or more years to run, and any agricultural tenant.

Approximately 3 years ago we purchased a rather run down bungalow on a good site with excellent views over the neighbouring countryside. We had a reasonable but limited budget for the improvement works we wanted to undertake. We also had a rough idea of what we wanted to achieve but were unsure of what steps we needed to take to get there. We selected Barry of Architects Atelier to help us realise our plans because he was approachable, reasonable and professional. He explained the process of planning, tendering and project managing the build. He was quite simply brilliant and we would have no hesitation in recommending his services to family, friends or the public at large.

Jon & Angela Thompson, Ashley Law