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Selecting a Residential Architect

This is a quick Blog/Check List on Selecting your Architect for your project. Please feel free to contact us to obtain a copy of: How to Choose your Architect which goes into the below in finer detail.


Does the architect have experience in land analysis and site selection in your market?

Does the architect have a mortgage expert and/or estate agent they can recommend?

Do you like the architect’s work?

Does it show high-level creativity and problem solving?

Does the architect have a range of work, or a singular style? Do you feel that you can communicate openly and effectively with the architect?

Do you feel that the architect is listening to your needs?

Is your potential architect registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB), and are they a member firm of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)?

Many offering architectural services are not licensed architects and have not gone through the rigorous schooling, internship and testing (which can take up to 12 years).

Is your architect familiar with any particular rules or regulations that impact the design of your new home?

Do they have at least 10 years of professional experience?

Has your architect won any awards or been featured in any publications?

Does your architect understand sustainable architecture including rainwater collection, geothermal, solar and zero net energy homes?

Does your architect have personal experience as a builder or developer, so that they intimately understand the construction process?

Is your architect committed to life-long learning? Do they attend seminars and industry conventions?

Does your architect sit down and provide you with a roadmap of your entire project prior to being hired, or do they just give you a proposal for their services?

Design Approach

Does your architect clearly articulate what the design process is going to look like, how long it is going to take and what deliverables you will receive?

Does your architect provide you with 3D models and visualisation from the start of the design process, or does that come later on in the project?

Does your architect provide photo-realistic renders or just screen shots of the model?

Architecture is an art and a science. Does your architect seem to have an artistic flair and also a certain level of precision?

Their artistic side might be revealed by how they dress and their precision might be evidenced by the questions that they ask or their level of knowledge of specific minutiae, such as building science.

Does your architect understand how a building can impact the health of its’ occupants and how to build a “healing building”?

Personal Attitude

Does your architect talk to you as a peer or do they “talk down to you”?

Does your architect dictate “this is the way it is” or do they take the time to explain their reasoning?

Is your architect someone you’d want to grab a beer with? Is this going to be pleasant and fun?

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