Extension Project Planning Pack

Extension Project Planning Pack

A helpful tool to help you start your extension of on the right path for building.

This Extension Project Planning Pack will help you through the beginning steps prior to even appointing an Architect. It outlines all the items you should consider prior to undertaking a building project and what to consider and question prior to appointing an Architect and Builder. Within the project planning Pack you will find the following helpful items.

Building Project Road Map

The Roadmap This is important … please read carefully. Right now, you should be in the Research Phase. This is where you are gathering information and playing around with ideas. At the point you want to get serious, you will want to check the feasibility of your ideas and understand what the project constraints are. If you work with me, we will move to the Analysis Phase by conducting a Needs and Options Review to eliminate assumptions, identify constraints and find your best options. You will receive a document that can be used by me or any other architect that will ensure you reduce project risk and get the best options for your site and budget.

Building Experts Direct contact information

Who Are These Experts? Understanding WHAT to do is one obstacle and working out WHO can help you is another. On a daily basis, our team receives requests for us to recommend design professionals. To make this process easier, I have listed the design professionals that we trust for specific types of projects. Not only do they do a great job, but they provide excellent advice, as well. These are the experts we trust explicitly. If you have other questions about your project, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. If I can’t answer your question, then I’ll direct you to someone who can.

Building Cost Estimator

The #1 Question … The most dreaded question architects, builders and every other professional hates has got to be, ‘how much will my project cost’? There are so many variables that a definitive answer is literally impossible.

FAQ’s & SAQ’s

Asking The Right Questions Although extensive schooling and training are required for all architects, that doesn’t mean all architects are created equal. Finding the RIGHT architect for you depends on several factors, including: personality, design style, building for taste or to make money, budget and even whether your project requires a specialist skill set. Choosing the right architect can mean the difference between an enjoyable experience and one plagued with problems and hassles the whole way through once a project moves into the Build Phase. How will your project go?

Myth & Reality

An architects’ role is a lot larger than most people realize. When an architect manages your project, they ensure that every part of the process below (and more) is handled to ensure that the biggest investment in your life or career is safe and secure.

How to create a design Brief using only 7 questions

The method below is our famous 7 Question design brief creator. You can request a more detailed, but equally simple, guide by visiting

Readiness Slider 

Do You Need An Architect? This exercise allows you to assess how ready you are to move to the Design Phase. If you are not close to 10 on ALL scales, then it’s best to seek help from an expert to do this research.

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