Renovating your house/flat, extending your home or developing a new property.


At Architects Atelier, we help turn your home into a bespoke residential space – one that meets your own individual needs. We all live somewhere and spend a massive amount of our leisure time at home, so it’s important that it is functional but also a nice environment to be in.

The balance between function and aesthetics is something that we seriously consider when creating designs; we really get to know our clients and their needs. We have a vast knowledge of London and the South East and, as the building process can be complex, we use all this combined knowledge to apply an integrated approach to design.

There are many things to consider, no matter what the size of the project you are looking to take on. These considerations will include your needs, in terms of the amount of space you want, and the use of this space, costs involved and any statutory compliance, e.g. planning permission. We can help you with this decision-making process so that you get the end result that you desire.

We are fairly well-known residential architect specialists in and around the London and South East area, and one of the reasons our reputation is so good is that we treat each project with equal importance.…read more


New Project Considerations in London and the South East

The most common difficulty is getting your plans approved. At Architects Atelier we understand the planning system and have experience working with the various London and South East authorities, and therefore have a good knowledge of what will and won’t be approved. This allows us to make informed decisions about the design and development of residential projects.

Once the planning side has been finalised, we can get as involved as you want us to with regards to the building work. We can project manage the whole thing for you, or leave you with the final plans and good wishes.

We can also advise on interior aesthetics to make sure that the overall feel of the project is carried through and your project is consistent.

So whatever your needs, if you are looking for residential architectural services in London or the South East, then why not give us a call to discuss your project in more detail. We have a whole range of case studies, too, so feel free to take a look at those as well.

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Loft Conversion

If you love the area you live in but need another bedroom, extending your loft is a great way to add one to your home without the fuss and expense of moving to a bigger house.
At Architects Atelier, we have over four years’ experience designing, extending and
Converting a loft space is a specialist type of development. In order to convert a space successfully, we use our integrated approach to address the architectural, interior and structural design at the same time as maximising your planning potential, along with satisfying all legal obligations and delivering to your budget every time. This is why so many of leading loft conversion companies in London and the South East trust us to prepare plans and full construction packages for their clients.
We also have experience of working in small lofts that have been rejected by builders as ‘unbuildable’ due to limited space (head height). In many cases, we have created loft conversions using an alternative/engineered solution to build.
Our first step to converting your loft will begin with identifying your planning route. The type of loft conversion your property can achieve will very much vary, depending on its planning status. We need to establish whether your property can be extended through ‘permitted development’ or whether it will require full planning permission. View our planning pages for more information on the planning process and how we can generate a planning strategy to maximise the development potential of your home.
Other than obtaining planning permission, we also provide full working drawings to issue to builders to build. These comprise of construction detailing, building specifications, structural designs and structural calculations. Many of our clients prefer this route as it enables them to approach builders directly to gain a more accurate quote to build the loft conversion that they want, leaving nothing to chance. …read more

Why we recommend using an architectural specialist
Many people are still opting for the convenient option of approaching a builder directly to design and build their loft conversion. The risk here is that they may end up overpaying for a substandard design, or not actually meet their full planning potential. At Architects Atelier, once we have prepared your construction package we can help you source the right quote from the right builder.
With every project, our standard services offer up to three designs for internal space layouts for you to consider. This also includes bathroom designs. We will always discuss with you what your spatial requirements are, and can work with you in your own home to fine-tune any design in CAD. Are you going to keep your bed? If so, we will measure it and place it into your drawings.
Our service also offers all clients a design development meeting either at our office or in your home. This enables all clients to actively work with us, to ensure that your furniture, fixtures and fittings fit in exactly where you want them.
Most of our loft conversion work can be carried out on a fixed fee, pending our initial survey. With all planning submissions, we offer one free re-submission where schemes only require minor amendments; however, the chances are that you will not need it, as our success rate for gaining planning permission for a loft conversion on the first round has been 100% for the past four years!
View our portfolio of loft conversions to see how we have transformed so many homes. The chances are that we have already converted one just like yours.
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