AAL Design Process

We assist with every stage of your project and provide solutions for every aspect of your project.


Define the Problem

We meet with the client at your home to discuss you project and prepare an outlined brief that will be used as the foundation point for the design going forward. This normally covers the following: beliefs/ culture, preferences, agendas, politics, budget and the program (spaces) Detailed list of rooms, spaces and idea sizes.

AAL have produced a Briefing introduction flyer that you can down load from this website.

Collect Information

We also undertake a Site investigation that will gather the following information: Local Climate, Prevailing winds, Solar aspect, Vegetation, Building Context, History, Special liabilities, Opportunities, Legal Framework ( Party Walls etc) and Planning policy’s.

We will also gather the Building Typology information, for example is it a School, Museum a Family home, Commercial office! we will then undertake a precedent study in the area and see what problems we are looking to solve with the project?


Sketch Design to Concept Design

Once the initial brief has been outlined, AAL will then move onto sketch scheme design, or design concept. Using the information gathered from the brief we the start to over lay this information onto a site plans showing the wind and solar paths.  We then build up several designs using trace looking at the best use of a site and how to maximize the site with the brief acting as our guide.


Develop Solutions

We then like to present these scheme ideas in a little Needs and Options report and this informs the client of what is actually achievable on the site. The Client then decides on the best option for progressing the scheme forward and AAL then looks to Draw this up in Computer Added Design software (CAD) for presentation to the client.


The Planning submission

Once the client is in agreement with the CAD drawings of the proposed scheme AAL then Submit the application to the local authority.  Dependent on the complexity of the scheme most planning determinations happen between 8 to 13 weeks in the UK. With a further 10 days allowance for Planning Validation.


The next Step

On a approval of a planning drawings, AAL can then move onto the production of the Building Regulations drawings or Working drawings. The minimum requirement in the UK to build a project successfully is the approval of the Building Regulations. see section on building regulations for more detail.

However AAL also can provide Working Drawings where we work with the client on developing the designs with further details such as bathroom and kitchen layouts with tiling plans, cabinetry details and bespoke design details.