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Why Hire an Architect for Your Home Extension Project?

There are many benefits to hiring the expertise of an architect when planning your home extension, loft conversion or other large remodelling project.

An architect adds incredible value to your extension and can, in fact, end up saving you money. So, why hire an architect? Here are 10 reasons.

1      Better Design

Designing an extension is a very complex process.

First, you must ensure it corresponds with the original building. You usually have two choices, either to achieve a match with the surrounding buildings and the period and style of your property, or to achieve an attractive contrast. An architect will be able to work with you to help you decide the best fit for your project.

In addition, substantial attention to detail is required for projects like these. Considering the small design details will ensure that in the months after completion, you’re not finding irritating issues you wish you’d thought of earlier.

So, considerations such as which way a door should open, where the toilet should be positioned in relation to the bathroom door, whether there is a main feature and if it is in the right place, should all be considered when planning the perfect space. 

2      Maximising the Space Available

architect London, planning permission London, why hire an architect for your home extension projectAn architect will be well versed in making the most of a space. Small spaces can benefit hugely from an architect’s experience, e.g. making the most of nooks and crannies for storage solutions.

Large spaces can benefit from an architect’s vision and knowledge of room flow, ensuring that the space works well for its intended purpose.

An architect’s drawings can really assist you with imagining what the space will be like when it’s complete, providing assurance that you’ve got the right design before work commences.

3      Considering Light and Sound

Are the acoustics right or will sound simply echo around the room? How about natural light? An architect will maximise the amount of natural light, both making the space lighter and minimising the amount of energy required for lighting.

Architects not only have an eye for detail but they also bring an understanding of the latest design trends, methods, and technologies.

architect London, planning permission London, why hire an architect for your home extension project4      Project Manager

It’s also possible to use your architect as the project manager for your extension. They can foresee where issues could arise. This can make the project run much smoother, and it will make the process far less stressful for you.

Architects are accustomed to working with builders and other tradespeople to deliver a project on time, on budget and to your specifications.

5      Builder Recommendations

Most architects have a vast number of contacts in the building industry and so, whether you plan to use your architect as your project manager or not, your architect can recommend trusted and reliable builders and other tradespeople.

This helps ensure you get the right people for your project.

6      An Understanding of The Law

Planning laws and building control regulations are complex. Getting it wrong in this regard can delay completion of your extension and can end up increasing your costs.

An architect knows exactly what is required to comply with the law and has experience of dealing with planners, building control, and handling other concerns such as the Party Wall Act.

7      Problem Solving

No building project runs 100 percent smoothly. An architect will help you get through any issues that arise by coming up with solutions and suggesting ideas.

They will also be able to negotiate with the other parties involved in the project on your behalf and explain what needs to be done.

8      Maximising Your Budget

An architect will also know how to maximise your budget, advising you on costs, saving money where possible and ensuring the finish is of the highest quality.

9      You’re Covered

People can only call themselves an architect in the UK if they are registered with the Architects Registration Board. This commits the architect to a code of practice they have to adhere to.

Architects must also have professional indemnity insurance, which provides you with protection in the event of any issues and peace of mind.

Using an architect to create a great design that takes all the details into account no matter how small, maximises the space available, makes the best use of light, considers acoustics and uses reputable tradespeople, will make it much more likely that the finished extension will add value to your home.

So, why hire an architect? An architect will help to ensure you create the space of your dreams. If you’re considering adding an extension to your home, why not contact us for some advice?

All images are of our recent home extension project.